sobota, 24 kwietnia 2010

piątek, 16 kwietnia 2010


Finlandia, Helsinki

National Museum.Finland Hall.


Pocztówka prywatna od Justyny z Litwy. ;)
Trakai Island Castle, the Audience Hall,the Inner Yard.

środa, 7 kwietnia 2010

USA New York City

Central Park is a large public, urban park in the borought of Manhattan in New York City. With about twenty-five milion visitors annually,Central park is the most visited city park in the United States, and its appearance in many movies and television shows has made it among the most famous city parks in the world.

Polska - Łomża, Mazury


piątek, 2 kwietnia 2010


Latarnia morska w Holandii. :)

czwartek, 1 kwietnia 2010


The Koala is one of Australia`s best know and loved native animals.